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Your Plan’s No Good if You Don’t Execute

We’ve all met that person who carries on about how worried he is about the future or who talks about being afraid of what will happen to her. How often do we find ourselves thinking (or saying), “Why don’t you stop talking about it and DO something?” Why is it so hard to overcome worry and fear, make a plan, and then act on it?

Some people seem to need to have something to worry about. We can call them the worry warts. They are wired to worry and if there isn’t something worth worrying about they’ll create it! But let’s assume that we are talking about the rest of the population, those who don’t want to worry about their future but can’t seem to figure out how to stop. The most important thing that each of us needs to do is to make a plan. That’s a huge step in reducing worry because simply the process of thinking through what you will do if this or that happens can make the unknowns feel less daunting. But once you’ve made the plan you need to put it into motion. This is where so many get stopped in their tracks. The plans are made and neatly bound and placed in the file cabinet or bookshelf, never to be looked at again.

Let’s say that you have a plan to slowly go through and streamline your belongings because you have given a deposit to move to a senior living community in the fall and you realize you will have a smaller home with less storage space. With great intentions, you tell yourself that you will get the clean-out down by the end of the summer. You try, really you do, but you’re just so busy with the grandchildren, a cruise, and your book group. Now it’s September and you’re in a panic, staying up at night worried about where everything will fit in your new home. The easiest way to guarantee that you implement your plan is to build in some accountability. Set deadlines and milestones for yourself and then enlist someone to make sure that you accomplish them. For example, in this case, if you had hired a professional organizer or a senior move manager that person would have kept you on track. You did the first part by setting a deadline but you weren’t able to hold yourself accountable.

A good coach will make sure that you execute your plans and achieve your milestones. She might have to engage in some tough love at times, but you’ll be glad in the end. There’s a reason why weight loss programs that require you to weigh in post consistently good results and why working with a personal trainer helps most people who try it to stay with their exercise plans. Dealing with the business of life is no different. If you want to worry less, make your plan and implement it. And if you want THAT to happen, hold yourself accountable!
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