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Facing the Finish: A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children

I am very excited to announce that my first book, Facing the Finish: A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children is to be released on January 7, 2014!!! But you are invited to pre-order right now and receive a 10% discount by using the promo code PRE1. This is good through the end of 2013. 

Visit www.FacingTheFinish.com and click on "Buy From the Author" and you will be prompted for the promo code at checkout. The book will also be available as an e-book and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. You can also register there for the Facing the Finish community where you can download free stuff, the lastest updates, etc. Once you are a member of the community you will also receive updates about my schedule for live events and book signings.

Here is some advance praise for Facing the Finish: 

Sheri has a unique perspective—she's both caring and practical—which means she's able to manage the emotions around the difficult decisions we face as our parents grow old. In her book, she boils down what feel like overwhelming problems into doable tasks for both adult children and aging parents. I recommend “Facing the Finish” for all of us, as we all face our parent's last years and plan how we'll cross our own finish line. -- Denise M. Brown, Founder, CareGiving.com

Thank you Sheri for reminding us that “age isn’t something to fear-it’s something to prepare for, and by being prepared ahead of time, it can be a comforting chapter at the end of a long, full life.” I am recommending “Facing the Finish” to my aging family and friends because I want them to feel more confident as they answer the question ‘Who will take care of you when you can no longer care for yourself?”. When you read “Facing the Finish” you will feel like Sheri has become your family’s experienced guide helping you avoid that other “midlife crisis” as she calls it. You can avoid the crisis that is caused when we or our parent’s, need care much sooner and for much longer than we ever expected or prepared for.  Sheri advises adult children to “proceed with a light touch” when they become involved in their parents care. She reminds them that they are not their parent’s parent. Sheri reminds each of us that we can set the tone and direction of care related decisions by creating our life transition plan now while we are well. “Facing the Finish” provides clear direction on how to create and implement our life transition plan. An important theme in the book is to not only have a transition plan but to have conversations about your plan with your trusted advisors, family and friends. Sheri began Facing the Finish with the quote “Happiness is something you decide ahead of time.”  So buy a copy for your advisory team and your adult children. Encourage each other to do all we can to serve well as caregivers and be gracious, and perhaps even happy, recipients of the care. - Renee Porter-Medley, CFP® Co-Founder, SWAN-Savvy Women Advice Network, Inc.

From Accepting Aging to Getting Your Affairs in Orderand dealing with Family Challenges, Health, Housingand Money this comprehensive book gives those approaching retirement and their families a way to cope with difficult transitions and live without worry. This detailed book shows readers how to plan for the future realistically and proactively. Facing our aging future is difficult and Sheri’s “no nonsense” approach makes the case for doing a “A Life Plan” before it’s too late. There are varied and practical first- hand stories showing how Sheri solved the issues and many, many resources for getting the help readers need. As an individual with aging issues around the corner, I’m grateful for her superb advice to make the last half of my life easier on myself and family members. - Bonnie Michaels, President of Managing Work & Family, Inc.
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