• “I am a new client of Sheri’s and I would like to share my experience. I have total trust in Sheri’s competence, capabilities and attitude. I have been impressed by the thoroughness and speed with which she managed to convince me to engage her. In addition to her professionalism, integrity and skill, I admire Sheri’s quiet charm. Her personality puts me at ease. Sheri is a consummate professional.”

    - K. O, Los Angeles
  • “I am an attorney and I have worked with Ms. Samotin on several probate, trust, and estate matters. Ms. Samotin is our number one choice for when we need to appoint a fiduciary, especially for a complicated or litigious matter. She is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. She turns around complicated work faster than any professional I know. What more can you ask?”

    - Megan Waugh, Esq
  • “I’ve worked with Sheri on a few clients and found her to be very professional and efficient. Her response time is quick and she takes detailed care of her clients. Our firm is always looking for good professionals to work together as a team to best assist our clients and I would include her when the situation for a professional fiduciary arises.”

    - Carol Kulencavich, CPA
  • After an hour on the phone with Sheri, I was educated and empowered! My aging parents live 1,200 miles away from me, and have a number of health issues. As the eldest, much of the responsibility of helping them falls to me. But with their increasing health issues, I knew I needed to take a more active role in their life, but wasn’t sure what to do first. It’s frustrating to be so far away, and getting information was becoming a challenge. I had heard about geriatric care managers, but didn’t really understand the full scope of what they do and was hoping that Sheri could give me some guidance in how to identify someone. That seemed like a good start. During our chat, she helped me to understand the full array of services provided by geriatric care mangers (who knew I could have someone accompany my parents to a doctor appointment and help to keep all the information straight), and even walked me through interview questions I should use when meeting with prospective care managers. She helped me narrow down what I should be looking for…and what I should avoid. In addition, she provided me with a number of other matters to consider in regard to medical benefits through Medicare, financial oversight and decision making. She called it “taking charge without taking over”. What an eye opener! Thanks to Sheri and her guidance, I am able to provide my parents with the support they need, while allowing them to maintain their independence…but I’m totally looped in!

    - L.A, New Jersey
  • “Sheri is great to work with. Great Follow Through. My clients always tell me how happy they are that we got Sheri involved.”

    - A. Stephen Kotler, Esq.
  • "I worked with Sheri on two matters that involved related clients that were in crisis. Sheri diligently and professionally took control of the situations and efficiently rectified the issues. Sheri went above and beyond in her responsiveness to the clients and their needs. I highly recommend Sheri and plan to continue to work with her."

    - Jennifer J. Nackley, Esq.
  • “Sheri is an excellent fiduciary. She understands the nature of the business, understands how the legal documents operate and works well with clients and others to ensure that her clients are well cared for. She’s also very kind, which is a key attribute for a fiduciary.”

    - Jennifer Sawday, Esq.
  • “My law firm, LAElderLaw, has worked with Sheri on several cases, some of them court supervised. She is extremely qualified, not only in her education and experience, but also in her personality and ability to deal with senior citizens and their sometimes very emotional family. She is immediately responsive to our inquiries and requests. She does everything to the highest professional standard including her accountings, scheduling, and communication. I have been in this area of practice for decades. She is the best and I always include her name on any list of referrals I give to clients for a private professional fiduciary.”

    - Joseph Girard, Esq
  • “My team and I worked a number of times with Sheri Samotin on projects. that required attention to myriad details, as we were tasked with dismantling the estates of her clients. Sheri is a dedicated professional. She took considerable care of her clients’ belongings, including treasured photos and family heirlooms. She is unique in that she provided my team with detailed instructions for the distribution of household contents – from shipping to out-of-state family members, to suggestions for donation centers based on clients wishes and personal/professional interests. I trust Sheri’s ethics, and her intelligence, without reservation.”

    - Regina Lark PhD
  • "LifeBridge Solutions has been very very helpful to our family. We initially reached out to Sheri for help gathering up Mom's important papers; as well as, handling discussions about end of life issues that mom has difficulty talking to me about as her son. Most recently Sheri reviewed Mom's Part D plan selection, and reassured us her current provider represented the best value. I'll add that as an insurance professional, I've referred a number of clients to Sheri for reviewing household expenses and creating budgets or for other specialized project management tasks. She and her team are wonderful and an exceptional resource for our community.

    - Mitchell Dannenberg
  • “Due to an unfortunate situation, I fortunately met Sheri Samotin in April, 2015. Sadly, my dear friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and desperately needed someone to step in immediately to help her assess the situation as well as organize and manage everything concerning care, finances, legal matters, insurance issues etc. That’s where Sheri came in, not only as a highly recommended fiduciary, but equally if not more importantly, as a compassionate and caring person with the capabilities of handling it all. Sheri was not only there every step (and I mean every step) of the way during this trying period, but she was in complete control after the situation, truly, from beginning to end. I cannot emphasize the amount of work that was needed to close the estate, but believe me, it was tedious, time consuming and endless, or so it seemed…but she did it all, and then some. Lastly, not only did Sheri do a brilliant job overall, she was compassionate, caring and understanding for our loss throughout the entire time…what a sweetheart.”

    - K.S., Los Angeles
  • “Sheri is a trusted, invaluable help to our family. For four years. she has managed the financial affairs of a family member with disabilities, and done so with reliability and great care. She has shown the financial acumen of an economist, the interpersonal skills of a diplomat, and the empathy of a psychotherapist. We rely on her greatly, and trust her completely.”

    - K.T., Boston
  • “I first was introduced to Sheri in 2009. At that time she was doing a presentation on her Company and what it does. After hearing her, I decided to enlist her Services! "Best thing I ever did". She made sense of everything regarding End of Life, and put it in a format that will be easy to follow for my Daughter when the day comes. However, where she has been tremendous help has been in dealing with issues regarding my Father's estate. I enlisted her help after my Father passed away over a year ago. She brought up things I had not even thought about nor had the other Family members. One word describes it; "Invaluable"! I would endorse her for whatever your issues may be. Definitely 5 Stars!!!

    - H.A.W, Michigan

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