Life Transition Planning

LifeBridge Solutions helps older adults, the families of aging adults, and those who care for them to more easily navigate “the business of life.” We know that life moves along more smoothly when there is a master plan in place. That’s why we feel it is important to create a Life Transition Plan.

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LifeBridge Solutions guides you through the process of creating a Life Transition Plan which will ensure that your affairs are in good order.

Our method is comprehensive, providing documentation of financial and personal information beyond simple paper-gathering. We include important conversations and crisis scenario planning. Our process includes in-depth conversations over several meetings.

Our Life Transition Planner is a thorough document that is compiled through in-depth interviews and conver sations over a three to five meeting planning process. It includes detailed legal, financial, real estate, final planning, and personal information.We provide the planner in two formats; a hard-copy binder and a digital version on a secure flash drive.

We provide life transition coaching and planning in person or by teleconference. To see what our clients have to say about us, take a look at our testimonials page. Why not schedule your no-cost evaluation to learn how we can help!

Life Transition Coaching

Life Transition Planning and Coaching Because most of us avoid preparing for life transitions in advance, we often find ourselves overwhelmed as life happens. LifeBridge Solutions provides coaching services for those planning in advance or, as is so often the case, dealing with a transition as it is unfolding. As an objective and knowledgeable third party, we can help provide focus and will have experience with others who have gone through similar transitions so you don’t have to start from scratch. A few situation for which coaching can be helpful are:

A few examples of situations where a caregiver coach can be of service include:

  • An adult child who realizes that his or her aging parent(s) can no longer stay in their own home due to health and/or memory issues, but the parent or a sibling doesn’t agree and they are at a standstill
  • Widows and widowers who are settling their spouse’s estate and are uncertain about the many steps and decisions and who need support in addition to that provided by their attorney and other trusted advisors