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“Due to an unfortunate situation, I fortunately met Sheri Samotin in April, 2015. Sadly, my dear friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and desperately needed someone to step in immediately to help her assess the situation as well as organize and manage everything concerning care, finances, legal matters, insurance issues etc. That’s where Sheri came in, not only as a highly recommended fiduciary, but equally if not more importantly, as a compassionate and caring person with the capabilities of handling it all. Sheri was not only there every step (and I mean every step) of the way during this trying period, but she was in complete control after the situation, truly, from beginning to end. I cannot emphasize the amount of work that was needed to close the estate, but believe me, it was tedious, time consuming and endless, or so it seemed…but she did it all, and then some. Lastly, not only did Sheri do a brilliant job overall, she was compassionate, caring and understanding for our loss throughout the entire time…what a sweetheart.”