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After an hour on the phone with Sheri, I was educated and empowered! My aging parents live 1,200 miles away from me, and have a number of health issues. As the eldest, much of the responsibility of helping them falls to me. But with their increasing health issues, I knew I needed to take a more active role in their life, but wasn’t sure what to do first. It’s frustrating to be so far away, and getting information was becoming a challenge. I had heard about geriatric care managers, but didn’t really understand the full scope of what they do and was hoping that Sheri could give me some guidance in how to identify someone. That seemed like a good start. During our chat, she helped me to understand the full array of services provided by geriatric care mangers (who knew I could have someone accompany my parents to a doctor appointment and help to keep all the information straight), and even walked me through interview questions I should use when meeting with prospective care managers. She helped me narrow down what I should be looking for…and what I should avoid. In addition, she provided me with a number of other matters to consider in regard to medical benefits through Medicare, financial oversight and decision making. She called it “taking charge without taking over”. What an eye opener! Thanks to Sheri and her guidance, I am able to provide my parents with the support they need, while allowing them to maintain their independence…but I’m totally looped in!