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Lifebridge Solutions

The business of life can be overwhelming and stressful, especially during a crisis or time of transition. There are many complex areas of our lives that need daily attention and coordination, but often get neglected due to limited time and energy. LifeBridge Solutions helps individuals and families reduce stress and navigate life much more smoothly. We build the bridges that connect the many facets of their lives.

LifeBridge Solutions is your one stop shop for the services your family needs to manage the business of life, providing professional fiduciary and daily money management services along with life transition planning and coaching.

LifeBridge Solutions offers a compassionate and carefully planned approach to coping with life-changing and difficult events. We work with older and vulnerable adults, their family caregivers, adult children who are concerned about their aging parents, and others in transition.

When necessary, and at no charge to our clients, we provide referrals to other professional services your family might require, such as geriatric care management, home healthcare, legal, accounting, insurance, real estate, and financial services.


LifeBridge Solutions’ Mission

LifeBridge Solutions helps older and vulnerable adults and those who love them to navigate life’s transitions and successfully manage the business of life.

We nurture our clients as they plan ahead to meet the inevitable challenges associated with aging, and we excel in times of crisis by lending our empathy and expertise to stressful situations.

Our services range from providing guidance to hands-on implementation, always delivered with honesty and integrity. We are paid only by our clients and thus have no incentive to recommend a particular professional, vendor, or solution. Our objective is always to advocate for our clients and to help them preserve their independence, dignity, and privacy.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. Our team members treat our clients, referral sources, and one another with respect. We work hard to make a difference in the lives of our clients, our co-workers, and our community.

Our clients are appreciative of the assistance we provide them and our professional resources recognize how beneficial our services are to their clients.

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K. O, Los Angeles
“I am a new client of Sheri’s and I would like to share my experience. I have total trust in Sheri’s competence, capabilities and attitude. I have been impressed by the thoroughness and speed with which she managed to convince me to engage her. In ...
Megan Waugh, Esq
“I am an attorney and I have worked with Ms. Samotin on several probate, trust, and estate matters. Ms. Samotin is our number one choice for when we need to appoint a fiduciary, especially for a complicated or litigious matter. She is extremely ...
Carol Kulencavich, CPA
“I’ve worked with Sheri on a few clients and found her to be very professional and efficient. Her response time is quick and she takes detailed care of her clients. Our firm is always looking for good professionals to work together as a ...
L.A, New Jersey
After an hour on the phone with Sheri, I was educated and empowered! My aging parents live 1,200 miles away from me, and have a number of health issues. As the eldest, much of the responsibility of helping them falls to me. But ...
A. Stephen Kotler, Esq.
“Sheri is great to work with. Great Follow Through. My clients always tell me how happy they are that we got Sheri involved.”
Jennifer J. Nackley, Esq.
"I worked with Sheri on two matters that involved related clients that were in crisis. Sheri diligently and professionally took control of the situations and efficiently rectified the issues. Sheri went above and beyond in her responsiveness to the clients and their needs. ...
Jennifer Sawday, Esq.
“Sheri is an excellent fiduciary. She understands the nature of the business, understands how the legal documents operate and works well with clients and others to ensure that her clients are well cared for. She’s also very kind, which is a key attribute for a ...
Joseph Girard, Esq
“My law firm, LAElderLaw, has worked with Sheri on several cases, some of them court supervised. She is extremely qualified, not only in her education and experience, but also in her personality and ability to deal with senior citizens and their sometimes very emotional family. ...
Regina Lark PhD
“My team and I worked a number of times with Sheri Samotin on projects. that required attention to myriad details, as we were tasked with dismantling the estates of her clients. Sheri is a dedicated professional. She took considerable care of her clients’ belongings, including ...
K.S., Los Angeles
“Due to an unfortunate situation, I fortunately met Sheri Samotin in April, 2015. Sadly, my dear friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and desperately needed someone to step in immediately to help her assess the situation as well as organize and manage everything concerning ...

Life Transition solutions

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