Life Transition and Caregiver Coaching

boomer aging parentLife transitions, such as getting married, having a child, changing jobs, dealing with health issues, getting divorced, taking care of aging parents, becoming widowed or becoming an empty-nester are part of all of our lives.  Everyone is likely to go through at least one of these life changers, and most of us will go through many more than that.  The real key to successfully navigating life's transitions is being ready for them, and then understanding what is happening while it's happening.

Just like getting ready for a camping trip, a tour of Italy, or a shopping trip with your two year old, getting ready for life means being prepared.  Taking the time to think about things before they happen and then so you are ready for what might be is the most important step you can take.  We all know that the root of most stress is feeling like we are out of control.  It's the unknown that does us in.  When we know what we are dealing with, or have thought about "What happens if ..." then we feel like we're in charge.  We know we should prepare, and we know we can prepare, but we tend to procrastinate and avoid preparing. 

Because most of us avoid preparing for life transitions in advance, we often find ourselves overwhelmed as life happens.   A life transition coach can be helpful whether you and your family are planning in advance or, as is so often the case, dealing with a transition as it is unfolding.  As an objective third party, your coach can help provide focus and will have experience with others who have gone through similar transitions so that you don't have to start from scratch. Your family transition coach will be knowledgeable about the many resources that are available to you. 

A few examples of situations where a caregiver coach can be of service include:

  • An adult child realizes that his or her aging parent(s) can no longer stay in their own home due to health and/or memory issues, but the parent or a sibling doesn't agree and they are at a standstill
  • A decision has been made to divorce and there are many important issues related to assets, liabilities, living situations and personal property to be made in a short period of time
  • A spouse has died and the surviving spouse is serving as Personal Representative/Executor and is uncertain about the many steps and decisions required to settle the estate and move on with his or her life

Like any other type of coach, your life transition coach is there to guide you to your best performance.  Your coach will ask those powerful questions that help you get unstuck.  Your coach may also be able to point out areas where you need more "practice", or where you need to build your "skills" and can help you figure out how to do that.  When necessary, your coach can serve as a resource to family members and facilitate necessary but difficult conversations and decisions.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling.  The role of the coach is to empower, mentor, encourage, and motivate YOU to identify, develop, and continue on the path toward managing life's transitions.  You will become skilled at planning ahead, anticipating situations, and solving problems.  A successful coaching experience creates sustainable results during the coaching process, and for years to come.

Life Transition Coaching can involve you and/or other family members.  Coaching can be episodic or ongoing, depending upon the circumstances.

LifeBridge Solutions provides Life Transition Coaching in-person and by telephone.  The first session is complimentary and will help you evaluate whether coaching is right for you and whether we are a good match.

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