Adult children and aging parents will benefit from Sheri Samotin's Amazon #1 Bestselling book Facing the Finish: A Roadmap for Aging Parents and Adult Children and its companion workbook. Click on the image below to see excerpts, reviews, and more. 

  • The book is available as both and e-book and paperback at, Amazon, and wherever books are sold. 
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Online Coaching Programs

Elimiate Angst!

The Comprehensive Planning System for Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents


Let's work together to make caring for your aging parent a fulfilling experience, without you driving yourself crazy in the process!

LifeBridge Solutions has helped hundreds of overwhelmed adult children who are caregiving for an aging parent to gain the knowledge and support they needed to identify, prioritize and implement key decisions while maintaining or developing calmer family dynamics and making positive memories. 

Through the Eliminate Angst! online coaching program, I'll mentor you step-by-step and give you everything you need to create a plan without having to reinvent the wheel or make costly mistakes. 

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