Life Transition Services for Older Adults and Those Who Love Them

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The day started as any other -- busy, in a good way. The call came just as you were about to leave the house for an appointment. Your Dad has been hospitalized, again. In Florida. A plane ride away. None of your siblings live in Florida either, so the frantic phone calls begin. Which one of you will drop everything and go, this time? Will Dad be able to return to his condo and live alone when he gets out of the hospital? If not, where will he go? Who will pay for all of this? These thoughts consume you all day as you try to take care of your own business.  Now, as you lay in bed trying to fall asleep, you can't seem to turn your mind to "off". Why is it that just when we begin to learn how to navigate the challenges with our aging parents –a new situation arises and alters the path ahead?

Wouldn't it be great if there was someone to show us the way? Now there is! LifeBridge Solutions.

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The business of life can be overwhelming and stressful, especially during a crisis situation or time of transition. There are many complex areas of our lives that need daily attention and coordination, but often get neglected due to limited time and energy. LifeBridge Solutions helps individuals and families reduce stress and navigate life much more smoothly. We build the bridges that connect the many facets of their lives. 

LifeBridge Solutions is your one stop shop for the services your family needs to manage the business of life, providing life transition and caregiver coachingmedical bill advocacy services and daily money management.

LifeBridge Solutions offers a compassionate and carefully planned approach to coping with life-changing and difficult events.   We work with older adults, their family caregivers, adult children who are concerned about their aging parents, and others in transition.

When necessary, and at no charge to our clients, we provide referrals to other professional services your family might require, such as geriatric care management, home healthcare, legal, accounting, insurance, real estate, and financial services.

Everyone knows someone who can benefit from LifeBridge Solutions and our division.  We help individuals and their families prepare for and handle the turbulent times in their lives.

Our clients are appreciative of the assistance we provide them and our professional resources recognize how beneficial our services are to their clients. That’s why we have chosen to highlight some of their comments about LifeBridge Solutions on our new page of testimonials.

Compensation to LifeBridge Solutions is based on a fixed fee, an hourly rate or a monthly retainer.  Together, we will determine what will work best for you.  Our division also offers a range of compensation options including working on contingency.

For your protection and peace of mind, LifeBridge Solutions is bonded and insured.